Thursday, 1 March 2012

Are you Collar girls?

YES!I am a collar girl
Different shapes and embellishment of the collar show different personality. 
At the recent kidswear trade shows and catwalks, for autumn/winter 2012/13 girlswear, collars are featured as a key focus. These might give you some ideas of what kind of collars you could go for.

Retro Peter Pan are key. Detachable collars are the latest must-have. Mix and matching combinations of colour, prints and fabric
Flat Tied Collar are the prettier options of peter pan.

Elegant and sophisticated fur collars are perfect for matching with a lovely dress in winter
I love studded collar. so edge and cool!
Lace and knitted Collars add a touch of rough luxe 

(Source: WGSN)

If you like to update your kid's wardrobe but trying to avoid over-spending 
(as you probably want to update yours as well :P)
It's time to explore your creative side, grab your kids' old shirts and some tools and try to come up with some interesting DIY ideas.
Here is an example: I've sewn some press studs on the collar my old boring black shirt which has been left out in my wardrobe for years, now it becomes my frequent-worn item ;)

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