Tuesday, 3 April 2012

S/S 13 Boys Trend: Wonderlab

Struck by the fact that how much attention we place talking about girls' fashion rather than boys', we should not omit how fun and playful the boys' fashion is.

Here we go...what I got off from the latest WGSN report:

Laboratory-inspired 2013 summer trends for boys aged 3-8 
explore the fun and creative world of WonderLab. 
Mood:colour palette features turquoise, tomato and grass green as well as 
bright shades of sports blue, green and yellow

Graphics: cool scientific motifs and symbols

Lightweight, tightly woven poplin is a key fabric 

 Waterproof finished with a high shine appearance and bold colours
 gives a sportswear aesthetic

Engineered tee features scientific graphic or EIY cutout pockets

A loose-titting with turn-ups chino has a sporty laidback look

Basic jersey styles have surface interest in the form of mini bird's eye, 
pique and bubble effects, often revealing contrasting
 surfaces on the reverse for a structured finish
Bright piping adds contrast  to simple simple styles around the neck, hems and seams

Mesh is layered with jersey for T-shirts and outerwear, taking on a sporty, mechanical look
Bright, contrasting colours are added in geometric panels around the arms of tees and shirts
Very educational yet interesting trend
so let's get your kids into the exciting world of Science ;) 
(Credit: WGSN)

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  1. Fantastic write up! We've been promoting these pants for more than a year. These are the most boys' friendly.