Monday, 14 November 2011

Exploring Bristol-"The-Pippa-and-ike-Show"

I've spent the weekend just gone exploring the artistic city, Bristol, 
which gave me endless surprises and inspiration.
I was particularly drawn by this little exciting boutique on Gloucester Road, 
you have to pop in as it's too cute to miss
The boutique owner, Lianne, is a kidswear designer
Before opening her own store in Bristol,
Lianne has been designing children's clothes in her home country The Netherlands for 18 years
She feels strongly about stimulating children to develop individuality, imagination and creativity. 
Not only does it has a colourful and quirky selection of kids' clothing and accessories,
it also features a lot of funny and creative stuff. 
I was lingering in the boutique for almost half an hour because it was such an amazing boutique!! 
If Bristol is a bit far to travel to for you, the-Pippa-and-Ike-Show just launched its webshop as its customers requested. Put them in your christmas gift list!!!

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